Lake Tahoe Wakesurfing, Tubing, Waterskiing and Wakeboarding Rentals

Enjoy watersports at it’s finest with our Lake Tahoe Wakesurfing Rentals!

Rent one of our custom built wakesurf boats and enjoy the hottest new watersport on earth, in the most beautiful place on Earth!  Our Tahoe wakesurf rentals are top of the line Mastercraft boats with inboard ballasts to create the perfect man made wave!  You can also waterski, wakeboard and tube from them as well.  We always provide all of the water toys, including multiple wakesurf boards, waterskis and wakeboards too!  Book your rental today and set your own pace during your day on the water.  Cruise Lake Tahoe in style, slingshot your buddies who want to wakeboard around for a couple hours, then fill up your ballasts and the surf is up! 

lake tahoe wakesurfing
lake tahoe wakesurfing rentals

How does Wakesurfing work?

Wakesurfing in Lake Tahoe is probably our favorite new way to enjoy the Lake and powersports at the same time.  Book Tahoe Wakebusters today and let us show you to the waves, as fast as possible.  We only offer top of the line experiences and our expert coaching and pointers will have you hanging ten faster than anyone else.  A wakesurfer gets up the same way as a waterskier or wakeboarder – with a rope.  Start playing with your balance, adjusting your boats speed, pointing the wake in the direction you want, and eventually….  you let go of the rope!  Our custom Mastercraft wakesurf boat creates the perfect wake to ride with no rope needed!

You can then start to play with your weight balance, putting more pressure on your front or rear foot, to change the speed you are surfing at.  If you have ever gone wakeboarding or waterskiing, the process of getting started wakesurfing will be a cinch.  We can promise you will definitely have the absolute best chance to wakesurf properly when you rent one of our Lake Tahoe Wakesurfing boats because they create the absolute largest, most powerful waves available today.  And even if you don’t want to wakesurf, you will still own Lake Tahoe when you rent our Mastercraft NXT!  You can wakeboard, waterski, tube, or just cruise the lake in style from spot to spot.

lake tahoe wakesurf rentals
tahoe wakesurfing

Why Tahoe Wakebusters?

Whether you are looking for a day of wake boarding and tubing, a day of grilling and relaxing on a pontoon boat, or just a scenic ride and evening sunset cruise, Tahoe Wakebusters has the boat and crew to accommodate you. We offer a variety of boat options from a 9 person open bow powerboat all the way up to a 13 person double decker pontoon boat. We can accommodate groups of 2-13 people, and our rentals are the perfect for families, company trips, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.

All of our open bow boats come equipped with tube, wakeboard, and water skis, and all pontoon boats come equipped with pool style inflatables, and propane grills. All boats have capacity life jackets and required safety equipment. Rentals are done primarily out of Cave Rock NV State Park located near South Lake Tahoe, but other delivery options are available as well.

lake tahoe wakesurfing
south lake tahoe boat rentals

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