We are a family owned and operated business who specialize in custom boat rental experiences.

Our names are Jarod and Bobby Minghini, and we are the owners of Tahoe Wakebusters. We are long time Lake Tahoe locals and are a fully family owned and operated business. We grew up in the outdoors all year round. Whether it was on the slopes in the winter or out on the lake in the summer, we have always been drawn outside for sports and recreation. Our passion and love for sports and the outdoors is what ultimately led us to start Tahoe Wakebusters in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We wanted a business where we get to be outside and share our love and expertise of the lake and outdoors with others. We have now been in business for 10 years and have quickly grown into one of the top boat rental businesses in Lake Tahoe. 

Jarod Minghini

Bobby Minghini